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Fun Way to Learn with I'm The Chef Too!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

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We've been homeschooling for about three years now, and after a while, you begin to find areas that need a bit of sprucing up. For us, homeschooling is starting to take on a more Montessori approach where our children have more say in what they desire to learn about according to a biblical cosmic curriculum approach. A part of that means that their interest in life skills has increased.

All of my children, from about the age of two, were interested in cooking, so we've always encouraged them by buying toys that feed that interest and allowing them to help around the kitchen.

My eldest son turned nine this year, so we have extended his responsibilities in our home. Every Tuesday night, he helps us out by preparing dinner. The first night he made sliders with turkey bacon and green beans on the side, and the most recent was shredded chicken tacos. Both meals were delicious! As we continue this learning experience for him, I want to make it more educational. That's where I'm The Chef Too! comes into play.

What is I'm The Chef Too!

If you've always wanted to teach your kids about cooking, then the I'm A Chef Too! Educational Kit is the perfect solution. This kit includes all the ingredients and tools necessary to teach your kids the fundamentals of cooking. The kit includes an illustrated 24-page recipe book with step-by-step instructions for preparing delicious meals, a kitchen safety guide, an oven mitt and apron, and even a junior chef's hat and apron. Additionally, the kit includes a selection of fresh and dried ingredients, including herbs, spices, and vegetables, as well as various baking and cooking tools.

I'm The Chef Too! logo with an image of an instruction and recipe card.

The I'm A Chef Too! Educational Kit is designed to get kids of all ages excited about cooking. Through hands-on activities, kids learn the importance of healthy eating and safety in the kitchen. They also become familiar with basic culinary techniques, such as chopping, mixing, measuring, and baking. Each recipe is designed to be age-appropriate so that even the youngest chefs can join in the fun. Plus, the kit is designed to be a fun and educational experience for the entire family.

I'm A Chef Too! Educational Kit is the perfect way to introduce kids to the world of cooking. And with the included ingredients, tools, and recipes, your kids will be well on their way to becoming top chefs!

I'm The Chef Too! is a subscription-based program that infuses STEAM-based concepts into cooking. It is great for children between the ages of 4-14. Every recipe and project is open-ended and allows children to add their own creative touch, making it fun for all!

It provides recipes that are designed to help children build their confidence in the kitchen uniquely, and it's done through inquiry-based learning and problem-solving as they bake their way through some of their favorite topics.

In each adventure kit, you will receive the following:

  • One recipe with a recipe card

  • One activity guide

  • Pre-measured dry ingredients

  • Specialty supplies

  • List of Items needed

I'm The Chef Too! has so Many Options to Choose From

This program offers learning kits that showcase recipes themed through Geology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Science, Math, Art, Engineering, Oceanography, Science, Paleontology, Epidemiology, and more! Each kit combines the love of cooking and infuses it with educational concepts making learning fun, engaging, and tasty!

There are so many options to choose from that you will be satisfied with the adventure. My children are learning about rocks, so having kits like the "Erupting Volcano Cakes" and "Cupcake Geodes" is right up our alley. But honestly, there are so many kits to choose from. So no matter what you teach your children, you will indeed find something that can pique their interest in the kitchen.

Things to Note About I'm The Chef Too!:

When you purchase a subscription with I'm The Chef Too!, you receive your first kit the month after you sign up. If you want to receive a kit right away, you can purchase a single kit outside of your subscription. It will ship separately.

You will receive FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. for all plans. They will ship the first week of every month. Orders placed after the 1st of the month will process for the following month. Trust me, it is worth the wait, and you will not be disappointed.

For more information about I'm The Chef Too! and all the many kits they have to offer, visit them online today!

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