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In 2017, according to scripture, the Father (Yahuah) woke us up to the understanding of who we are and who our ancestors are. From that moment on, our family's lives changed . We started to keep the Shabbat (Shabbat) and live according to the bible. We desired and still desire to live similarly to Yahusha HaMashiach. He kept the feast and lived according to the word of Our Father, Yahuah, as He was the word made flesh. He even commissioned us by saying, "...if you love me, you will keep my commandments," and so we do. (John 14:15). 

Therefore, we began to change our lifestyle, but few resources were available. So many people were coming out with music and teachings, but there weren't many books. As teachers, we began to petition Yahuah in the name of Yahusha to fill the gap for our children as we nurtured them in the admonition of HaMashiach and walked according to the Way. 

At the time, The Inspired Roots was a dream and an "urban" homestead where we raised chickens and had a few crops. The idea was to use that as an avenue to teach our children about the agriculture of our people, but it turned into so much more. We began to document our journey, and things began to grow. 

In 2021, Yahuah called us to move to South Carolina. As soon as we got here, we felt an urging to make The Inspired Roots official, and it officially became The Inspired Roots, LLC. Little did I know that it was going to sit dormant for a while. Yahuah had to teach our family a few things and boy did it hurt.  


From 2021 to 2023, our family experienced being amid the fire. In the fire, we were refined, and the gifts that Yahuah placed within us were also refined. Things that we only dreamt of doing we did,. but we also did things that we can't believe we did. Praise Yahuah and Yahusha for new mercy every morning and grace upon grace. 

At the end of 2023, we finally felt relief from the fire and were given so many projects to work on. The Inspired Roots, which was designed specifically for our family, has now grown to be a resource and avenue for the growth of families in Yasharel (Israel). 

We are a Hebraic faith-based publishing company! We have edited and published spiritual help books and children's books since 2021. Although we are no strangers to adult Hebraic faith-based books, right now (2024), Yahuah has us focusing on the Yaledim (children). 

If you would like to be a published children's author, please feel free to fill out the form below and include "Author Inquiry" in the message box along with whatever you would like to say. Similarly, if you are just interested in learning more, feel free to send us a message. 

Have a great yom (day). 



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Shalom! My name is Ribqah.

שלום! שמי ריבה

Chief Publishing Officer, Owner

I am a daughter of Yahuah, and I love to write and share my experiences. As my family grows, Yahuah always shows me something new about Himself and how I can apply His word to my life. I am neither perfect nor claim to be a teacher of Hebraic culture or biblical principles. But, I like to share what has been taught and revealed through my own personal studies, bible journaling, and Hebraic word breakdowns in reason. I have been walking with Yahusha for about seven years, and I know that I am still learning the character of the creator of the universe. I hope that through The Inspired Roots, LLC., you will find helpful resources that you can also use on your halakah (journey with Yahuah and Yahusha HaMashiach).


Shalom! My name is Yoshi.

 שלום! שמי יושי

Chief Operations Officer, Owner

I am a son of Yahuah who is driven by a deep desire to inspire others to know and embrace the word of Yahuah. Through sharing my personal journey, I aim to ignite a spark of faith and encourage individuals to embark on their own spiritual path. Aside from my passion for spreading Yahuah's message, I have a love for cooking and working with children. With extensive experience in children's ministry, as well as teaching in both elementary and high school settings, I am dedicated to helping young minds flourish. I believe in the importance of teaching children how to walk with Yahuah, not just through spiritual guidance, but also by nurturing their bodies and feeding their minds.

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