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A Kodesh Lifestyle

What is a kodesh lifestyle?

Kodesh means set-a-part. Over the last few years, we have been on a constant journey of seeking Yahuah's truth through the words written in the Torah (first five books of the Bible), Tanakh (history and prophets), and in the Brit Chadashah (New Testament). On our journey, we have learned valuable lessons about who we are and how Yahuah has purposed our lives. In that, our lifestyle has drastically changed. We live a life set-a-part for Yahuah Aluah and Adoni Yahusha according to His written and spoken words.


On this page you will be able to find everything from modesty clothing ideas, Bible Journaling prompts, Word Breakdowns, and more. This page is not to teach, rather, it is what Yahuah has revealed to us either through pray or through those who He has appointed over us. 

What you can expect to find on this page?

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