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Bible Journaling Prompt (1 Timothy 2:13-15)

One of my older sister has the mantle of Shiprah and Puah found in the book of Exodus. She is known for her gift and knowledge of childbirth. She often teach others how to become Yaladot (birth specialists) and she has delivered many babies along the way. I am so grateful to have her as a big sister.

In addition to this mantle, she also wears the hat of Morah (teacher). When she teach, it never fails that it inevitably goes back to her mantle of child birth. In this, she is able to bring light of scriptures that reference women and child birth in a perspective that helps women to really grasp the love that Yahuah has towards us and the significant role we play as culture keepers of the Hebraic faith.One of those times was through her lesson title Yahusha is Salvation.

In that lesson she discussed the many ways that women have been created to purge, heal, and be cleansed. One significant way, out side of our monthly niddah (menstrual cycles), is through the childbirth process. From conception to labor, the future mother is given opportunities for deliverance and spiritual growth because during this time she should be seeking Yahuah-Yahusha for understanding as to what she needs to get rid off before your baby is born.

If you are a mother and experienced pregnancy, you may know that every pregnancy is different. For me, all three time was filled with different trials and tribulations. I learned a lot about myself, my family, and my lifestyle and each time I had the opportunity to seek Yahuah for ways that I can give my bundle the best chance at life and how I could improve as a mother and wife. This may have looked like putting certain food down, being stretched in different areas of trust and faith, or even learning how to listen to my body and rest.

If you're not a mother, you probably have experienced growing pangs like this when you were given a new opportunity on the job or not, in your personal relationships, or even have been asked to do something or not do something in the ministry you are a part of. No matter what, Yahuah desires to birth something out of you, but the question is, what are you willing to be purged from, what will you actively work on to purge, cleanse, and heal.


Whether you are a mom or not, it is crucial, as culture keepers, to cultivate our wombs (spiritually & physically). It is the place where Yahuah births blessings in our lives. Through this process, He teaches us a lot about ourselves and allows us to purify and mature. It isn't always easy; that's where faith, love, and set-apartness come in. As you prepare for Shabbat, write down things that Yahuah has or has been trying to birth out of you. While going through the cultivation process, have you been operating in faith, love, and set-apartness?

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